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July 17, 2019, 9:48 a.m. -  JVP

>  _I would argue that if you don't need DD or DH casings then chances are you probably don't need 160+mm of travel either._ Disagree on this. Well kinda, no one actually _needs_ 160mm travel, just like hardtails are super fun on gnarly trails. Around where I ride (Seattle), there's lots of steep, rooty, often slimy stuff that will slap you hard, and long, slack is much preferred. These rides also tend to be 3k-5k feet of climbing with a solid few hours of pedaling. EXO is the sweet spot. No way in hell we're running DD or DH, we're already in pain. EXO+ might be a good option, stoked to try those on the front.  I'll stick with EXO MaxTerra DHR rear for pedaling efficiency that won't kill you on roots. Rocky, fast trails in places like Cali or Zona would be a very different beast. I suspect that's where you're from. I saw you're a Maxxis employee, so plug time: Local rippers _really_ want a MaxxGrip 29er EXO DHF 2.5.  Once you go to MaxxGrip front, it sucks going back to Terra (or anything else on the market) on wet roots and rock faces. I've heard much grumbling about this option not being available. It's actually a reason that a few riders are still on 27.5 bikes.

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