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July 11, 2019, 5:26 p.m. -  dan_l

I have a smashpot for a pike. It is a very high quality kit and you get a lot for your money. After a couple months of running it you could go back to air if you want, not scratches on the inside of the stanchion. This setup excels in the color months when it is 40 deg F and lower. For me, the weight was a killer. I had this on a 2016 pike with a charger 1 damper. It added a healthy 1.1 pounds to the front end of the bike. It was tiring to pull up into a manual with it. On the east coast of the USA we have lots of log that you need to bunny hop over and it was taking too much energy. I went to a 2018 pike with the charger 2.0 and debonair spring. This setup is better nearly everywhere. The coil may be slightly better in the rough stuff but it is hard to tell. IMO if you want "coil feel" with your air spring, without adding more than a pound to the front of the bike, try a cush core.

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