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July 11, 2019, 8:53 a.m. -  mike

Specialized called , lawsuit in the mix LOL. They cam up with the water bottle and the tool carry idea. Own one , like the fact it,s a side loader. All though it,s a neat idea having it all right there. I find my pump being mounted to the side of the bottle cage. A hazard at times , caught my short leg on it a few times. Some of those times are not the best to recovery from. Tiny swiss army knife tools , ya they are light. Easy to store , but are they easy to use being so small?? The LED light for the bottle , now I like that idea. Great for those who commute, and even for night trail riding. It could allow some light for the rider without using a helmet light. Oh and it,s damn near 2020 could they not put a muck cap on the water bottle!!! Inside the frame or not it still gets crap on it.

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