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July 8, 2019, 11:14 a.m. -  JVP

I'll start of saying I'm not ragging on this bike. Haven't ridden it, and I know SC makes great bikes. But... interesting what he says about progressiveness. IMO there are very few bikes out there that are too progressive Almost all bikes aren't progressive enough for my taste. Many of "us" are running max spacers.  I really wonder where this comes from. Maybe the old '90's adage that you need to use all your travel every ride is still alive (it's just so wrong). Maybe at 200lbs kitted up, and riding hard, I'm way outside the cycling bell curve. Maybe we're in a bubble up here in Cascadia where our trails are challenging, and our mellow riders = everywhere else's experts. That said, even the local bike brands, which are known for rowdy bikes, aren't exactly overly progressive. I understand that bike design is a series of compromises, but it's just weird that most bikes are so far in this one direction. Cam, AJ, Drew, Tim, Pete & co, when was the last time you tested a bike that you though was too progressive?

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