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July 5, 2019, 9:16 a.m. -  Garrett Thibault

Avalanche is great. Definitely feels like it’s a small operation still. They took the time to call me and explain their damper and the push conversion kit that I already had and double checked that I still wanted to go through with my Avalnche order with the hydraulic bottom out and the damping cardridge at all. Seems like the service hasn’t changed since my dad ordered the cartridge for his boxxer many moons ago.  The industry hasn’t really been good for buying something nice and holding onto it forever recently. It’s not cheap to buy an Avalanche cartridge knowing that it will at best be shipped back to be modified to fit your next fork. Fortunately the boxxers didn’t change much from 26” to 27.5, but I’m 27.5 160mm pike for life on at least one bike in my stable now.  At this point I’m of the mindset that I’m just going to run boxxers lowered to whatever height I need on any aggressive bike I own going forward. I had success lowering one, they don’t creak, they’re cheap used, I can still get a new, long straight 1 1/8 steertube for them, and I can get them in any wheelsize. What more could I ask for?

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