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July 4, 2019, 2:06 p.m. -  Mammal

Similar to some of Cam's thoughts...  I focus on overall body position and where I'm applying pressure to the bike when things feel wrong.  Make sure knees and arms are bent ready to absorb. Hover "in" the bike instead of on top of, or behind it. A big part of this for me, is preparing for corners. If I'm feeling like a hack, it shows up first in my cornering. I make sure I'm almost in full cornering position as I enter the turn, eyes ahead, upper body notably forward and legs crouching low, inside knee and elbow poked out and weight the inside grip into the turn. Seems to work a treat, and I feel like a ninja in no time (emphasis on "feel like").   Cam's "stomp the pedals" is the other part of this. If I focus on "plowing through my feet", all of a sudden my hand/arm fatigue fades away, and my body position isn't getting jerked around constantly. That was a giant help to me while getting back up to max hard tail speed over the past year. Lastly, riding different bikes with different riding styles never allows you to feel the funk, as it's always a fresh experience. I've traditionally had more than one bike, but this year is my first for having a hard tail, mid-travel trail bike, and designated DH bike all at once (that all fit me and I actually like to ride). Never a dull moment when I have totally 3 different experiences during my 3 or 4 rides per week. God I love the S2S corridor.

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