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June 29, 2019, 2:23 p.m. -  Greg Bly

15 years ago we had the Horste link , oil damped coil or air sprung  shocks and forks, hydraulic disk brakes.  All of the pieces of the puzzle were there. By 2006 the process of refinement gave us the Specialized Enduro frames . I bought a large and put a 160 mil. fork up front and ditched the DHX shock.  I still have the bike. Again I must be insensitive to details but I dont find issues with the puny 1/18 steer tube or the 68 degree HTA . Juicy sevens stop just fine.   How many people are primarily concerned with speed? Im not I am very much into comfort , joy. Modern platform makes it very easy for someone with moderate skills or no skills ride a 170 mil travel full sus  bike and have fun. Thats what has changed and its a good change.  Sells many bikes. Waki the crazy but insightful guy on PB has a quote. How  successful you ride the trail is 80 percent rider ten percent bike ten percent luck.  Your state of mind is your best tool for negotiating a tricky trail.  Yes its my opinion ,  and my opinion will not sell alot of bikes .   When I mention open bath forks the only valid argument is weight.  People get quite emotional about the subject. if i make the off handish comment that a 40 pound DH bike performs  the same as a 35 pound bike I am instantly scoffed at.  Lets guess that Wades bike weight 40 pounds. Why is he riding that bike? because its fun.

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