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June 25, 2019, 12:15 p.m. -  Greg Bly

I am 50 something .  Give me powerful reliable brakes and a working suspension. I still use my Marz 55 RC3 ti fork. I dont notice a difference between 26 and 27.5 wheels . im just not that in tune with my bike i guess. I would be happy with 26 or 27.5 wheels . One day i will purchase a frame that uses 27.5 wheels. The trails i love, the old school gnar is still there mind you the iconic wooden stunts are rapidly disappearing that sucks balls! Nothing has changed since i started riding over 20 years ago. OK i dont miss V brakes or 50 pound bikes. I ride what I have and have a blast every ride.  Modern bikes are more of a crutch for poor riding skills than an asset.  I rode Cypress gnar the other week and thought this would be much more fun on a hard tail !  Did the trails get mellow or did our mind set change how we view the trails?  Rode Pre Reaper, SGS   , Slippery Canoe . Fun trails a few moments of gnar with plenty of wood.  I think If I did not ride I would a grumpy(er) old man.

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