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June 24, 2019, 9:43 p.m. -  Cam McRae

I was actually referring to the behind the scenes people when I said this; "Our local association, the nsmbA, has made leaps in bounds in terms of the ability to maintain and improve existing trails and build the occasional new line." Obviously I should have made that more clear. The folks who run the show get little credit but they are also in the trenches doing admirable and essential work.  I have done many things. And I've done lots of training and my body is close to as strong as it's ever been. I can get up technical sections that I couldn't in the past - as long as they are short. It's an unpredictable periodic issue that seems to be systemic. One day I'll be fine - or maybe a week even - and then I'll be absolute crap to the point that I can't climb stairs without getting winded. Many tests, intrusive and otherwise, over several years but Docs remain stumped. And naturopaths etc. I haven't given up and have been trying some things (Wim Hof and yoga every day religiously for example) and try to make the best of where I am. It could certainly be much worse and I do my best to keep that perspective.

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