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June 24, 2019, 6:37 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

Life long cyclist here and 30 year MTBer. I'm definitely at Peak MTB right now. 1\. I moved someplace I can ride year round. 2\. Bikes are more reliable so I'm riding more and thinking about my bike less. 3\. At 50 my fitness is still good enough to get me up and down interesting technical features. 4\. Because I can ride year round my skills are at an all time high and that's probably helping me stay effective on the trails as I get older. 5\. Since I know my days of MTBing are limited and there has less time ahead on the MTB than there is behind I'm really appreciating every opportunity to ride. 6\. My delusions of winning the WC DH or EWS or Olympic MTB gold have faded away and I am just happy to get around a corner smoothly carrying my speed or land a small drop cleanly. 7\. I'm at the end of my career path and more focused on friends, family and fun than I was when I was younger. The only way this ^^^ will get better is by working less so I can ride more and travel to more cool mountain bike locations. That's my next goal!

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