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June 14, 2019, 1:56 p.m. -  Sanesh Iyer

Thanks for reviewing this one Andrew, I'm sold now. Venting was my concern and I haven't had the chance to try one on. I like my bum-bag fine, but I want something bigger for riding w/ a first aid kit, a running bag/vest of some sort, and ideally something which fits underneath my rainshell. Looks like this checks all the very particular boxes.  Also, I like this Sherpa idea. I can see it already: Client rides e-XC bike up hill while the Sherpa lugs up an enduro bike and a backpack full of snacks and gear. They swap bikes (but certainly NOT packs) for the descent. This could go very far. Maybe it's a way for the LSCR Equestrians to make some money too....

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