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June 12, 2019, 12:54 p.m. -  Dave Tolnai

Good Questions: Breathability - I never really thought about it.  The toebox is pretty open...the rest of the shoe...I don't have them in front of me, but I think okay.  I didn't ride them in any super hot 30+ conditions...but they've never felt like they were excessively hot or anything like that.  I tend to have pretty sweaty feet too.  So, pretty good? Sole Support - They feel really substantial.  But with one freerider pro on one foot, and one of these on the other, I didn't feel a lot of difference.  I thought there would be more difference, even just in the thickness of the sole.  I think there is more to these, but not a world of difference than a freerider pro.  They're not as clunky as impacts.  Somewhere in the middle of those two things.  One thing I thought about mentioning but didn't, is you can see from the marks on the sole that I ride these pretty far the whole outside of my foot is off the pedal.  it's further out than on my Freerider Pros.  I think this is because there is really great support.  I can run my foot as far outboard as I need to.  Make sense?

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