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June 5, 2019, 2:11 p.m. -  Tim Coleman

Having spent the last two years almost exclusively on carbon wheels I'll say that my recent experience being back on aluminium rims was aweful. I have some DT 511 rims on the DH bike, same tires and tire pressures as normal. Second run and I pushed a spoke through the rim tape, denting the rim and getting a flat. Pulled the dent out as best I could, retaped the rim, trued and retensioned the wheel, rode a few laps, trued and retensioned the wheel. Second day, trued and retensioned the wheel. Inflating tires was tough because the rim is a bit too small. Total pain in the ass.  In two years of carbon wheel abuse and not a single wheel out of true, and I'd almost taken it for granted. Inflating tires tubeless is effortless. Given the reliability and minimal maintenance on carbon wheels I can't afford to go back to aluminium rims. The performance and weight benefits are almost secondary at this point.

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