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June 5, 2019, 12:11 p.m. -  Tim Coleman

@slyfink I suppose that was a bit ambiguous, but I was hoping it would be clear that the subjective impressions were relative to the baseline laps I did on the Giant TRX 0 carbon wheels. That said I've ridden those trails a ton on a variety of rim and tire combinations and the compliance of the Zipp 3Zero Moto wheels is noticeably higher than any other wheel I've tried. Aluminium rims could not achieve the level of compliance of the Zipp wheels without permanent deformation. Zipp has a decent amount of technical information here: []( According to their specs the spokes are Sapim D-Lite J-Bend spokes that are double butted; 2.0 / 1.65 / 2.0. I don't see spoke tension info anywhere.

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