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May 15, 2019, 9:29 a.m. -  IslandLife

Ya they need to figure this out. I say copy the World Rally Championship format... top 10 (5? 15? 20?) riders get a GoPro given to them by race control that has to worn and turned on for each stage. Race control could even manage these at each stage start and retrieve them at each stage finish while giving new GoPros for the next stage. That way, editors could start working on footage as stages end. World Rally used to be so good at it that they'd have an hour (maybe it was 30 mins?) long in-depth recap out each evening (maybe next morning??  It's been a while since I followed WRC) and then they'd combine them and plus add a bit more for a 1.5 hour long full race recap the day after the race. They'd have a announcer/interviewer guy and camera getting some key interviews and insights pre each stage, post each stage, during transitions and in the pits. Then a couple key cameras staged somewhere on each stage (sort of what they do now). Combine the gopro footage, quick interviews and capture of drama/action pre & post stage + transitions and pits with the current in-stage camera work and you've got a damn entertaining show. Unfortunately live action never really works for this kind of multi-day stage based format... but there is so much more that could be done. And not saying EWS needs to do all of this (the WRC has much more cash than EWS), but there are many parallels to be drawn from both the series' and EWS would do well to emulate just a few of the things that WRC does.

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