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May 14, 2019, 12:11 p.m. -  Perry Schebel

oh you. speed trumps aesthetic body positioning.  interesting how fleeting dominance in this sport seems to be. from ruling the top of the box to struggling for a podium within the span of a season or two. it's a grueling balancing act: long pedaling days, racing several (often super tech) stages at near dh speeds with small bikes on courses with minimal pre-inspection, trying to keep bodies & bikes intact. i've dabbled with a couple ews races (old guy pack filler); it's really eye opening to see what the top racers are capable of, and somewhat understandable why turnover at the pointy end of the spectrum if fairly rapid. it's a punishing game.  that said, maes is young and ridiculously talented (and seems to be able to stay on his bike). perhaps he'll hang out there for a while.

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