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May 9, 2019, noon -  IslandLife

Went the full custom Ride Wrap and DIY install... fantastic service, great people based in Whistler... even better product!!  It did take me some time to apply it until my very anal eye was satisfied.  Took me probably 4 to 5 hours of total work spread out over a few days.  But the learning curve is quick.... by the time I was done I was much better at working with the material and could probably do full bike in about an hour. As they mention, the product is somewhat "self healing"... get a minor scuff, just hit it with a bit of heat and buff it out.  They also provide a bunch of extra material so if you mangle a spot you can just replace with some of the extra... works great! They also provide enough extra material that you can protect parts not included with the kit.  I added some on the exposed pieces of my suspension linkage... they have already proved their worth. Also did my fork and the material has taken the brunt of multiple hits very well. Overall, great value for the protection it offers and I have no doubt I will get much more in re-sale value than I spent on this product = a worthwhile investment.

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