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May 9, 2019, 5:52 a.m. -  Metacomet

A lot of depressions for sure but nothing that cut through the insert. On my previous set of rims and a different tire, (WTB i29 Asym's with a 2.3 Minion SS EXO) I cut into the rear insert in several places and pinch flatted through everything on a particularly dagger-like rock on one occasion. That rim, and most other alloy ones I have found all have a sharp and very narrow bead wall, which is not good for the longevity of anything. It got beat up enough over time to need replacing, but the pinch flatting was reduced to that one occasion. By the time I replaced that rim the insert was smoked. I know if I tried what I did with the Chromag/dd/cc on that set of WTB's, the outcome would have been very very different.  When I pulled that tire off and didn't see any cuts in the insert or real damage to the rim or tire, I was impressed.

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