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May 8, 2019, 11:53 a.m. -  Speedster

I like to think I ride "light" on my bike, but not always.  I've never been hard on rims, only occasional dings.  I'm running Nox Composites Farlow carbon and Magic Mary DH on my Wreckoning with Huck Norris.  I've had Huck in there for two years of Montana riding.  I've had a one flat/broken rim from a rock strike running a DH course in Whitefish, but other than that, no flats or issues at all.  I mostly got Huck to help protect the rim.  You should see that thing!  There are cuts all the way through in multiple spots, so I know it's working.  I just got new Hucks to put in.  I figured the orginals have earned a rest.  I don't run lower pressures, I mostly go by feel, but it's usually about 27 psi F/R.  I don't like the sidewalls to squirm when cornering.

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