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May 8, 2019, 9:06 a.m. -  AndrewR

I run Conti Der Baron Projekt 29 x 2.4". I used to run Trail King Protection 2.2" on my trail bike as they are a little lighter. But at the end of the day one cannot argue with great all around grip, fast rolling and great wear characteristics so I just run the Der Baron Projekts on everything now.  On my Sight I run no inserts on We Are One Insider rims as I tend to be riding less burly trails with less high speed spikes.  On my Range I run We Are One Agent rims with a Huck Norris Enduro in the rear wheel as it tends to get hammered a bit more in the janks with more high speed impacts.  It seems to work for me. I am 95 kg with gear and I generally run 24.5 psi in rear tyre and 22.5 psi in the front tyre (a little less in late autumn and early spring when it is wet and I am riding more slowly) with no tyre roll, burping or grip issues. There is very little point in pissing about with tyres that are lighter than 1000 grams as there is just no way for any manufacturer to squeeze in all the attributes we demand from a tyre in a lighter package.

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