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May 8, 2019, 7:55 a.m. -  Tim Coleman

I have the same experience. I would usually go through 2-3 aluminium rims a year on my trail bike. Since running carbon wheels I've had much better luck. So running carbon rims has proved cheaper for me than running aluminium rims.  I like the feel of heavier weight and super soft tires. Almost always a Super Gravity Magic Mary front and WTB Tough Casing rear. With that setup I've had very few flats with tire pressures I like ride performance wise. I think a lot of rim damage and pinch flats comes from folks not being careful about tire pressure before every ride. Wit no insert I don't like significantly lower tire pressure, especially on the front, the tire starts to feel vague. So for me the inserts like Cush Core do make some sense, primarily because they offer tire support, which allows lower tire pressure, larger tire contact area, better damping of trail vibration, and more grip. The rim protection is almost a side benefit for me.

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