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May 7, 2019, 7:23 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Most my personal Honzo riding experience is in the steel Honzo (all generations) and they’re definitely heavy riding and very stiff as steel frames go.  They’re all hardtails (not comparing to suspension bikes for the non-hardtailing reader) and I’d give the compliance a ~ tie between the carbon Chameleon compared to the Honzo ST or the Chameleon aluminum. I don’t have enough time on the Ti to compare.  That’s pretty impressive as the carbon is stiffer under power than the aluminum Chameleon and much, much lighter frame-frame with the Honzo. Aluminum Chameleon is the all around bargain (weight / ride / geo / price) but for the drop-in headset which limits the adult-LEGO factor a bit.  I went Honzo ST for my last mean SS (over the alloy Chameleon) as I wanted to run a -2* angle set and a 170mm fork.

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