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April 26, 2019, 3:39 p.m. -  MountainBikeBarbados .

Thanks for the reply Andrew. How would you compare the XR4 to the DHF casing wise? Curious as the weights are quite close, so expect the Bonti casing to actually be a bit more robust from my experience with Bonti and Maxxis. Havn't had any issues with the DHF in terms of durability, just the bounce if I run it at my preferred 10 PSI on i39 rim. Not really looking to add more weight to the bike, but if an extra 130g will help give some dampening and stop the pinging off \#hit, it'd be worth it I think. Also experimenting with going down to some 2.4-2.6" rubber to see how much different it is compared to the 3" in terms of forgiveness and grip, also to drop some weight and see how that feels and if I can push as hard on the skinnier rubber.

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