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April 24, 2019, 11:09 a.m. -  Eric Van Sickle

I’ve had great success with the Vittoria Airliner. I’ve yet to try CushCore.  In the past I’ve used Huck Norris and Pepi’s Tire noodle. I’m sure both the HUck Norris and Pepi’s saved my rims but neither last long. So far the Airliner has done well and provides the best feeling out of the three.  The best feeling I had was with a Maxxis DD tire and airliner with low 20’s PSI (I’m 210 without anything on) and ride Bromont (lots of rocks). I’m still working on a magic PSI number with a DH casing tire. I’m only using the airliner in the rear and still have a Pepi’s in the front but I am thinking of using the Airliner.  Any chance someone can compare the CC to the airliner?

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