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April 18, 2019, 11:29 a.m. -  cyclotoine

When Rider's Cycle went out of business in Victoria I bought a box of stems and a box of posts, lots of NOS and lots of new take offs. The kid selling it laughed, "30 dollars. You're basically buying a box of useless scrap aluminum". I tried my best to contain my glee and went on to sell many posts and stems for enough money to fund lots of modern parts upgrades. I mean you wouldn't expect that 20 something shop kid to know that people would easily pay 150 USD plus shipping for a 29.4mm syncros post of which there were two in the lot. The vintage MTB hunger was quite high 4-5 years ago. I haven't kept up with it of late but I'm still running a couple of ti posts and have a couple of retro builds with stems and posts on them.

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