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April 17, 2019, 1:54 p.m. -  IslandLife

That's a fair and good point.  But for someone like me (average rider, amateur enduro racer \#dadracing) who rides in the same area.  I just don't damage alloy rims to the extent you seem to.  Have dented a couple for sure, but nothing I couldn't bend back and have no further issue with.  And then I finally got off EXO casings, and haven't dented a rim since. I'd also say, that if you're destroying alloy rims you'll be breaking carbon rims.  Now the warranty with WR1, Santa Cruz and others is good, so you don't have to worry about buying a new rim... but do they cover building a new wheel as well?  Honestly don't know... Couple guys I ride with intermittently were chronic wheel breakers (what is it with you guys??  You know legs are suspension too right?) and they both switched to carbon (one Santa Cruz and the other WR1) thinking it would be the end of dealing with their wheels all the time.  Both loved them but both have since broken a couple rims each.  Sure they were warrantied, but both were off the bike for a week to 3 weeks depending each time.  Also, one of the instances ruined a race... and he's going back to alloy with an insert out back because of it. So back to me... as someone who doesn't wreck wheels... good, light and much cheaper alloy choices are fairly plentiful these days.  And if I do start smashing rims, I'd probably just buy stronger alloys or add an insert. But hey, the warranties are great, and WR1 is a great company, sounds like you might as well try it out when you're in the market.

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