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April 12, 2019, 2:55 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Yes, I think the Bartlett is their most interesting product - and my gut feeling (I'm wrong regularly) is that it's the harbinger of where aggressive long travel 29" Enduro forks will go. There's an additional degree of adjustment (raising/lowering forks in crowns), 1-1/8" steerer opens up the option for greater angleset adjustment options, there's more room for damper, air system, etc, and the axle to crown height can be short without compromising the insertion depth of a pressed in steerer like on single crowns. Generically, I recognize that folks have all different standards for communication and it occurs to me that bike industry businesses seem to often get a pass from a lot of folks who expect more from every other business/institution they deal with in their lives. In my career in bikes I think I've matched the highest customer expectations to the extent that I can justify having very high expectations myself. I recognize that everyone (myself included especially) has a miss now and again, but I think there are always ways to address that if folks choose to be proactive. I'm glad you've had what sounds like an A-1 experience, and I think it's awesome that you choose to support a brand that supports you instead of chasing the hot trend and then wondering where they went when the doors close.

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