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April 12, 2019, 2:16 p.m. -  IslandLife

Interesting... that's disappointing to hear, especially since my experience with the company (multiple times) has been the exact opposite.  I seem to have the same value structure you laid out and when building my new Knolly, I tried to follow this philosophy as much as I could (Knolly, Chromag, MRP, Oneup, etc), which is what initially led me to MRP.  Features and positive reviews led me further down the path, but then it was a couple conversations I had with a couple different people at the company over the phone that cemented the purchase decision for me.  My other option was the tried and tested Fox 36... but I am so glad I went with the Ribbon. Must have been some "interesting" conversations if it led to you to not even want to take on a fork for testing!  I get it, I'm the same way, if a company turns me off by the way they act, I generally will not support them... just lucky I guess that my interactions have been beyond positive. I enjoy this fork so much that I'd encourage you to try them out again.  I think we can both agree they're doing some really cool shit and punching far above their weight.  And as you mentioned, they are designed-and-assembled in North America... I think quite a few NSMB readers would love to hear more from the NSMB team about the ribbon... or even the Bartlett which, as you say, is a really intriguing fork.

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