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April 11, 2019, 2:22 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Yeah, for the fork-faffer I don't think IRD can be beaten. At least not by any fork I've touched. I love the adjustable hydraulic bottom out too. I do understand why many riders prefer a simpler set-and-forget fork and obviously the Manitou 'look' isn't for everyone. Excited to see their next generation forks.  If X-Fusion included a couple of additional rates of negative spring in the box, or had them available for purchase as SR Suntour does I think this review process would have been a lot more fun and this review would have been wholly positive. The nice thing with swapping a coil negative spring is it's super simple (inexpensive to design | never has an issue with say a transfer port being plugged with grease) and not something that needs to be maintained once the correct rate is in place.  Given the choice, I'd also prefer swapping a spring rate over a preload system like DVO's OTT - although, that said, the couple examples of Diamond 110 I've ridden have been really good.

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