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April 11, 2019, 2:02 p.m. -  Andrew Major

On paper, the new MRP forks offer a lot of features I like in a package with a designed-and-assembled in North America cache that fits with my personal purchasing goals (all things being ~ equal I ladder my discretionary purchase: 1) friends' businesses | 2) businesses that support my local community - riding or otherwise | 3) businesses whose philosophies aline with my own | 4) businesses who maximized North American content | 5) etc). I think they're ahead of the curve with marketing 29" dual crown trail/Enduro forks. Wait a couple years and they'll be busy reminding riders they beat Fox / RockShox / DVO to the punch by years. Most the folks I've talked to have been happy with the performance of their MRP purchases to a point that they'd buy the fork again. And I know a fair number of mercenary and/or fickle riders so that says a lot. I should probably be careful here but, in the spiritĀ of frank honesty, my personal experience communicating with the company keeps my wallet in my pocket and would bias me to the point that I wouldn't take on one of their forks for testing. Buying a fork tomorrow, based on my experiences, I'd either pick up the super yet simple Suntour Durolux RC2 PCS again (it's an awesome package even aside from the price) or a Manitou IRD fork (kick it old school with a 29" Dorado on a hardtail?!). Both those companies have been awesome to deal with in my experience. Maximizing North American products, I'm really drawn to the Cane Creek Helm (which works well for "larger" riders). Quality is excellent, I know a handful of folks with the forks who are all positive on them, and in my experience, the company is great to deal with. I do think Manitou's IRD is a better (the best) air system and the Durolux is super easy to work on at home hence why those two forks get the edge for my money. I did try and track down a firmer spring with the right dimensions to crank up the negative in the X-Fusion Trace. That's the one thing holding the fork back from being awesome for a rider my weight.

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