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April 5, 2019, 1:47 p.m. -  Pete Roggeman

... So, it's not even easy for bars. For helmets, way more complicated, no certainty whatsoever, and there isn't a lot of independent testing going on, so if you're going to point to research or science, be aware - none of it is (so far) conclusive. Pick your favourite brand, indicate their research and BAM! you're smack in the middle of their bias, and you can no longer say 'but, science!' because right now, unless other, independent, bodies are able to back up company x's claim that one piece of technology or another does this or that - then it's all one-sided. It's stuff a manufacturer can claim in marketing copy, and they may have proven it internally, and believe it wholeheartedly, but that doesn't make it fact from a scientific perspective. Let's say an independent body DOES do the tests, and does recreate someone's results. Great, now you can start to point towards the beginning of repeatable scientific results. Still, can you get everyone to agree that the test methodology is sound? Let's say you can (and that is very, very unlikely right now). You're still not done. Maybe you've proved a helmet does one thing or another, but if you're foolish enough to try to quantify that with respect to preventing concussions, the BS detector is now ringing so loud, you shouldn't be able to think. Bontrager's tech may be as good as they say it is, but they haven't proven it, and neither has anyone else. Making claims about concussion prevention as part of their mktg copy was naïve at best, disingenous or misleading at worst. No one said 'don't buy MIPS', or don't trust Kali or Leatt or Bontrager. If one of those helmets fits you well, and you find their claims plausible, then good for you - no one thinks that's a bad purchase. What needs to be clear, though, are that these companies are all working hard and - we think and hope - making helmets and our sport safer. But the truth is we still just don't know. Not with 100% certainty. But we do know they fit better, and that's important, too. And that's what Uncle Dave was pointing out.

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