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April 5, 2019, 6:19 a.m. -  Speeder1

I just got an SB150 a week ago. I’ve got three chunky, abusive rides on it so far and I agree with your assessment. It’s a really fun bike that mobs the rough downs, corners well, and can climb.   I made a plastic fender out of the top of a Rubbermaid roughneck storage container that zip ties to the seat tube and portion of the frame that is just behind the switch mechanism. It is doing a good job of keeping the muck off the switch mech and away from that little shelf under the switch mechanism that collected mud on your test bike.  I had a similar home made fender on my 5.5 and it did a good job of keeping the switch mech on that bike out of the line of fire from the rear tire. In that case, after 1200 miles with an occasion grease gun hit, the switch mech is in perfect shape.  I’m running a 2.5 Aggressor in the rear with no clearance issues, and it’s been muddy on my home trails lately.  Thanks for the review.

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