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April 4, 2019, 11:52 p.m. -  danielshiels

There's a really good (sponsored) downtimepodcast with Brad Waldron from kali that came out last week. Unless he's a great bullshitter they really care about protection and both lab testing and inspecting helmets damaged in real world crashes. I kind of assume the rest of the specialist protection brands do similar levels of testing so even though there is not much empirical evidence it's pretty reassuring to know manufacturers aren't just testing to pass ce etc and calling it good. It didn't seem like Dave was saying go on ebay and buy a well fitting '90s helmet and you'll be better off than with an ill fitting modern helmet and given we're mostly all buying new helmets it is the course of wisdom to buy the best fit possible given all new helmets are benefiting from a hugely competitive marketplace and are probably going to be better than they ever have been.

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