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April 4, 2019, 3:04 p.m. -  Paul Lindsay

Good work Dave, needed said.  I read a thing years ago written by a Shoei race technician demonstrating the importance of fit and how force is transfered across a gap, it was roughly: "Stand up straight, with your lower arm perpendicular to your body.  Make a fist and walk to a wall and once your fist is against the wall, punch as hard as you can.  Now take a small step back and repeat.  That's why you need a helmet to fit." IMHO the plastic adjusters at the back of helmets are only there to keep costs down, you can buy a basic motorcycle helmet in 5 sizes, yet most cycle helmets are only available in a couple of sizes.  Top end motorcycle helmets use multiple shell and lining sizes, cheap ones use one shell and 5+ linings on one shell, for the same sort of money as a mid market cycle helmet.

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