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April 4, 2019, 9:09 a.m. -  OldManBike

I wish I could. But that doesn't mean that it's sound advice to assume that none of it helps. Do you think there is empirical data proving that full-face helmets are safer for DH? Knee pads? Gloves? Not as far as I know. How about closed toe shoes? No science, just claims and bluster, so go hit A-Line in your flip flops? Where the data ends, judgment has to take over. _My_ judgment tells me that MIPS is unlikely to provide much real-world benefit, but that other innovations--rounder shells, smaller shells, dual-density foam, breakaway visors and accessory mounts, and the new generation of slip-plane cushioning (Kali's LDL, Leatt Turbines, Super MIPS, Bontrager Wavecel)--likely provide a significant concussion-reduction benefit. Reasonable minds can differ. Maybe the benefit of dual-shell designs like Super MIPS and 6D justifies the added size and mass. Maybe MIPS alone works. But just throwing up your hands and saying, "they're bickering, there's no data, so you should ignore everything but fit" is very bad advice.

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