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April 4, 2019, 7:15 a.m. -  slyfink

Yes! glad you wrote about this. I remember spending hours in the bike shops trying on all their helmets to find the one that fit my noggin the best (and that I could afford) back in the 90s. Now, I am someone who falls squarely on the line between medium and large. the mediums typically just barely fit, but seem small and sit on top of my head. the large's are, well, large. They have a little side to side play, and fit deep on my head. it's what I typically go for, but in this day and age of $300 helmets*, I wish there was an in-between shell size that didn't rely on a thin plastic strap so much to adjust for size. *I can already hear the people yelling expletives at this price. I have a Kali Interceptor and a Leatt DBX 3 All Mountain helmet. Once taxes are factored in, they come out pretty close to $300. Having crashed on my head a few times now, and having my neck saved from severe trauma, I'm happy to shell out that amount of money. But I wish there was a broader range of shell sizes that fit better given the significant cash outlay.

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