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March 30, 2019, 8:20 a.m. -  tallguyridesabike

I have a pair of these shoes and they fit well for my fairly narrow foot.  I can't ride with Five Tens because they're so damn wide, my foot slides back and fourth in them.  What I kinda like about Bontrager is you can find their stuff in a shop and try them on, and their prices are the same as they are online.  And their sizing is accurate. Vs basically every other shoe company right now.  Walk into the average bike shop and they have shoes from 2 seasons ago at MSRP and only infant or Yao Ming sizes.  I wear a 11.5 street shoe, and that's exactly what fit me perfectly with these Bontragers.  An 11.5 Five Ten feels like a 13 and my Shimano ME7s are a size 10.  Makes no sense.

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