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March 26, 2019, 6:27 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

I just wear my day to day underwear which are synthetic boxer briefs, but on the looser side.  Advantages? Not needing to deal with bike diapers. Not buying them or worrying about putting them on before/taking them off after a ride. No lotions or potions to lube the bike diaper, etc... Never forgetting them or running out of clean ones on a trip. At the end of a typical ride my friends that wear bike diapers can't wait to take them off and then put on regular clothes. I'm in no rush to change. When it comes to butt/saddle discomfort the folks with the bike diapers are not any happier than those folks I know who don't wear them. Although the reason they have them in the first place is probably because they have butt/saddle pain so I am not blaming the problem on the bike diapers. I also use flat pedals, 5.10's, baggy shorts and normal looking tops. It's nice to be able to ride in "regular" clothes and do my pre-/post-ride activities without having to change out "bike" gear. Simplifies my day and is especially handy when travelling on bike trips. I don't miss anything about the many years I wore all the obviously bike specific gear.

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