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March 21, 2019, 6:50 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

**_"For years I’ve heard comments regarding the high cost of wheels and how 'X' rim with Hope hubs, blah blah blah can be built for far less. Problem is whenever I calculate the build costs for the alloy wheels mentioned the price doesn’t land too far from the 1,100 USD Traverse Carbon."_** Ya I'm that guy. Sorry! :) \- Hope Pro 4 Rear = $210USD \- Hope Pro 4 Front = $82USD \- Light Bicycle 30mm IW carbon rims = $200USD shipped \- Local wheel build \[spokes + nipples\] = $90USD each \- total for wheel set = $872USD \[all current pricing off Jenson, LB website and my local wheel builder\] If you swap in Stan's rims \[$100USD each\] in above you get a $672USD wheel set. I own a couple sets of these LB carbon wheels and they are amazing. In my riding group we've got several sets of similar wheels all used for years under a variety of riders with zero issues. I've had very similar aluminium and carbon wheels on similar bikes I've ridden on the same trails and the carbon wheels have been significantly tougher and more durable.

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