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May 18, 2016, 4 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Two reasons I didn't include pricing: 1) What does SRP even mean?! Do you actually expect that you'll pay $390 USD for an EX1 cassette? It's basically impossible to provide apples:apples 'street price' comparisons. Also, if durability is significantly, comparatively, improved then at some point you have to measure value instead of price? 2) This is, in my opinion, a very cool opportunity to re-imagine what the average, enthusiastic, aggressive, trail rider needs/wants from their drivetrain. I really hoped for it to come across as a conversation starter, encouraged by a new SRAM product release, rather than a SRAM press release coaxing out all the usual, and boringly predictable, "it's too expensive", "I love SRAM", "FU SRAM, Shimano for life", "I buy all the last generation stuff for cheap online you guys are suckers", "I bet it's heavy", "HB Cut The Course", and "etc" comments. Thanks for engaging all the same!

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