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March 18, 2019, 11 a.m. -  JVP

Awesome article, you guys are killing it on useful content.  I definitely notice my suspension feeling like complete poo at freezing, and a bit dead around 5c/40f. Above that, it's good enough.  Here in Cascadia where we ride in chilly, but not frigid, winter weather, sounds like we'd get a lot of benefit swapping out lube fluids from Nov - April.  From what Dougal said, the money move would be to take out all lube oils and grease, and replace with 0w40 synthetic motor oil for the chilly months, then go back to factory recommended before it gets hot. This should work in both fork lowers and shock air can, right? I'm not going to mess with damper fluids, these days I leave that for the pros. You really should service your lowers and lubing your air can a bare min of twice a year anyway, so this fits right in. Few of my friends actually service their lowers more than 1x a year unless I coerce them into my garage for a lube swap.

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