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March 18, 2019, 9 a.m. -  Mammal

Great article. WRT Manitou seals, they also have great low-temp bath oil that they use for the Mastodon. Had my Mattoc done with that same oil for last winter, and it made a big difference around 0C. I'd just like to add the most obvious factor for air springs, maybe not mentioned in the article because it's so obvious. If you air-up your springs at the house (warm ambient), and then get out for a super cold ride, the relative pressure in the air spring will become way less than it was when you checked/adjusted it in the warm environment. Very drastic changes, so make sure you check/adjust air springs once your bike has adjusted temp to match the riding environment. Same thing (but opposite) if you check/adjust air springs in a nice, cool basement suit, and then head out for a 35C ride.

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