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March 14, 2019, 10:25 a.m. -  Timer

Andrew, I appreciate your recommendations. Didn't know that there are already spacer kits for 148 to 157mm available. Luckily there is also no shortage of good mid-range wheelsets. (Currently running the excellent Newmen rims on DT 350s with ratchet upgrade,). Which doesn't mean that i haven't lusted after Gucci wheels occasionally. The trouble with bling wheelsets is that i want the hubs to last a decade or so, and that seems unrealistic. While rear hub widths might only fluctuate between 148 and 157 for the next couple of years, i don't trust the peace at the front end. With all the recent talk about forks lacking in stiffness, i don't expect the 15mm front axle to last much longer. Who knows, 20mm might even be making a comeback. But knowing the industry, the new standard will be 18.9mm x 105mm. ;)

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