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March 12, 2019, 1:16 p.m. -  JVP

Dave loves bearing pedals. Oooh boy. Since when do bearing pedals go longer than bushing pedals? Since never. Shimanos seem to go forever, but crazy thick. If you've got pedals with inboard cartridge bearings, I bet they're frozen up and the races (or whatever the part that touches the axle is called) are spinning on the axle, making the worst-ever bushing. Try riding something like the Spank Spike on wet dirt for half a day.  Guaranteed they seize overnight. Bushings for me, thanks. But yeah, ultra thins of any kind die a horrible, quick death.  OK, so I take that back. Run Shimano DX flat pedals when the zombies come. Sucky high platform, but they'll never die.

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