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March 8, 2019, 3:48 a.m. -  nick bitar

Having a ball on the S3 650b Evo in lowly alloy.  The sizing is awesome and the bike has seamlessly transitioned from double black DH to local blue XC trails much better than I thought it would.  The short seat tube is cool, but a bit pointless when the insertion depth is so shallow. My legs are on the short side for a 183cm fellow and the stock 150mm post is about all I can manage, even with 100mm or more post showing.  And why the shorter reach on the 29’er?!? I would have loved a 29’er with the longer cockpit or the 60b! and there are all all my complaints.... it’s a short list! This isn’t an Enduro. The geo is very progressive but the back end is more efficient than plush. People looking for an Enduro racer have had a lot of luck long shocking it for a plush ride, but I’m pretty happy with the awesome climbing + perkiness on such a big bike. The stock alloy build is great for a bike bought from a dealer. Spending more money really only shaves weight. Performance is brilliant out of the box!

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