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March 6, 2019, 9:59 a.m. -  Justin Bonk

I bought a used bike a while back that had Magura MTS(?) brakes. The levers were almost entirely plastic (OK some kind of fancy pants injection molded nylon stuff). I figured i would swap them out, but they worked great. I never had a problem and they felt on par with Shimano in terms of modulation and power. The only thing that worried me was the coarse thread screws (similar to wood screws) going into the plastic bodies at the clamps. High end plastics are now very reliable, don't get brittle and have less catastrophic failure mechanisms than aluminium. They also cost a shit ton less than most carbon fiber parts. I'm no expert, but i'm surprised there isn't more carbon fiber showing up in these injection molded parts, seems like glass fiber is still the go to. I would think the marketing departments would be all over adding enough carbon to call them omni-directional CF.

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