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March 4, 2019, 12:26 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Brightly coloured grips are apparently also really important!  But yes, the Radar pedals are $$$ but I have yet to meet someone who was negative about the outlay vs benefits. They’re on my short list. I totally agree re. bikes. It strikes me that around here - and quite a few other places I’ve been - it’s fairly impossible to be a casual mountain biker. Not so much talking about how many days someone rides in any given year but more the mental commitment, injury risk, and treasure required. I love riding with my kid but I’m under no illusion that my passion is for everyone. We need a good bike that will hold up to all the family biking we do and leave the door to mountain biking open - that’s going to be a rigid bike for a while yet. Especially considering how small an XS Rocky Growler (26+) will fit it’s full conceivable that mind will do 20” and 24” wheels rigid. Thanks for the props - I’m really happy that folks are interested in the kid-content and as a reader of the site I hope to see more of it!

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