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March 4, 2019, 10:43 a.m. -  slyfink

Ooooh, thanks for the tips! I had forgotten about the Salsa and didn't know about the Scott. I too am solidly in the rigid camp; at least until my kids graduate from "I like to go out riding with dad. sometimes", to "this is awesome and I want to spend all my time doing this". I think a fat (or semi-fat) rigid offers the greatest versatility in that it can be used to ride off-road in the summer, maybe in winter when conditions are good, and to get to school and muck around the hood the rest of the year. I also wanted to mention that I didn't realize quality kids flat pedals were a thing. I'll have to look into that. He constantly loses his pedals while we're riding. I keep trying to teach technique (drop those heels, get up off the saddle, your elbows and knees are all the suspension you need!), but some good/better pedals would probably help a shit-ton too. I love this site: you guys equally fire my "gnar" stoke, as well as my kid stoke! thanks!

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