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March 1, 2019, 12:32 p.m. -  Nouseforaname

Banshee - Pivots - Bores ovalizing, bushings sucking. Multiple 'versions' before consumers got a product that was stable. And those old versions don't get support. Evil - Literally everything they made broke. Their suspension leverage curve has a big fucking weird transition in the middle of it.  Unno - One guy (who has designed lots of bikes for other people) now making what is an essentially boutique bike in a single size.  Well engineered bikes? I know it's a cliche to love the bike you own, but - Nicolai as a full suspension bike. This bikes front end is featured on half a dozen other bikes (probably one of the Salsa on the front page shares it) and the back end is literally bought from Canfield; and is probably the most generic thing Canfield have ever done. Even the people who like Canfields up there ^^are not impressed with this. This isn't engineering, it's catalog shopping.

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