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Feb. 27, 2019, 4:31 a.m. -  MountainBikeBarbados .

Another great piece by Andrew about a product on the fringe, that maybe shouldn't be so fringe ;-) I'm one of the people who got an SQ Lab bar because of Andrews review of them, but first I tried a Salsa 11 degree bar and didn't find it much different to my regular 9 degree, so got the 16* SQ bar and now need to replace the bars on other bikes because I just don't want to ride a bike that doesn't have one. As far as adjustment time, it took no time at all. First ride I rushed to install them and tried them as close to the rec setup, but it felt weird, and that was on a friends "skill park", so then I fiddled with them and ended up rotating them back a good bit further that spec and have been loving them ever since. Ride them on a rigid 29+ Unit, ride everything I would ride on my FS, don't ever even think about the bars, except how good they feel if I hop on someone elses bikes for some reason. I went 10mm longer in the stem initially, but have since gone back to my original stem and it's OK, think 5mm would work perfectly, can definitely feel the difference in steering speed between the 50mm and 60mm stem when I first was sawpping, but now being back on the 50mm I've gotten accustomed to the bit faster response and have no issues, better for more technical riding and sitting more upright isn't an issue because of the position the bar naturally outs you in that lends itself to a more upright seated position.

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